Mystery Blogger Award

Mystery Blogger Award

By Catherine Mellen 5/11/2019

#MysteryBloggerAward #Saturdaynight #Bloggerlife

I am honored to accept this award from a very Supportive and Encouraging Writer @Nova219 Recognition and Thanks needs to go to @OkotoEnigma

Rules For The Following Are…

3 Things About Me…

1. I was divorced on Valentine’s Day

2. I suffered a near inset decapitation

3. I Love being a Grandma ♡

There are so many who have already received this award and many who are in the ‘ Award Free zone’ So, I’ll nominate 5…






My Questions to Answer…

1. Saturdays are my favorite because it is the ‘anything goes’ day

2. I have been Blogging since November 2018

3. James Patterson

4 Mayo here

5. I have never been out of the United States

Questions to my Nominees…

1. What scares you most about Blogging?

2. Where is your dream vacation?

3. Do your loved ones read your blog?

4. Do you prefer writing with a typewriter, pen and paper or tablet/laptop?

5. Do you put ice cream between pop tarts?

Wishing everyone lots of fun… Here’s a link to one of my Blogpost & with May being Mental Health Awareness Month, I hope you find it hopeful⚘


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