You know a man lived a life as a great person when you can still smile 34yrs later at the bitter sweet memories he left behind 😞 Life made us friends, Love made me his sister ❀ Forever my brother and Never forgotten…. Mark Lowell Delong 5/28/86 πŸ’•

A Stairway

Up to Heavens stairs, An Angel does Wait…
Shining with happiness, At the doors of Heavens gate!

Inside the Angel’s blossom with Glee…
Forever there is happiness throughout Eternity

Don’t be afraid should your light Shine…
Everyone becomes Angels, One day in Time!

The heart stops from all the aching and Pain…
The Soul lives on from all in life you Gain!

So, Climb up those stairs, There’s no need to Hesitate…
There’s so much happiness once your through Heavens Gate!!

Written by Catherine Mellen β™‘

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