Thirty-seven years ago today…

Thirty-seven years ago today, life seemed so promising. In a world before 911 and google, when we as Americans had a promising future to look forward to.

Thirty-seven years ago today, I was five months into being reconnected with my dad and I was two weeks into meeting a fifteen year old boy who would grow into one of the best friendships I could ever imagine.

Thirty-seven years ago today, I had already survived a childhood no child should ever suffer, I already survived living in over six different homes and I would go on to live in thirteen more homes by time I was eighteen. I was already filled with unanswered questions and at the time, I only knew of six older siblings. Today I am the baby sister to twelve older siblings and my relationship with them now is no different than it was then.

Thirty-seven years ago today I was waiting for my dad to get discharged from the hospital after his procedure, a procedure he did not survive from. Thirty-seven years ago today I was at the start of a friendship that would leave me thinking of the boy who grew into a man every single day for the rest of my life.
I don’t know why life was so cruel to me, thinking it was ok to take the two men who loved me unconditionally on the same day years apart. Maybe it was what Jon told me in 1986 that of all the days I’ve cried on, the only day I deserved to cry was October 17th, the day my dad died.

Despite all I have been through prior to thirty-seven years ago today, for a brief moment when it was thirty-seven years today, life seemed so promising. Because thirty-seven years ago today I had those two men in my life and though it has been decades in the making of missing them, they are always close by in my heart. Love and family were the two things that were lacked in my young life, but I was blessed with thirty-seven years ago today when I was given enough to last me my lifetime. Jon and Dad, you are never forgotten and forever missed. Thank You for loving me ⚘

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