Before You Go

Today is International Survivors of Suicide.           

Before You Go

Just hear me out before you decide 

To end your life by suicide.  

I’m left behind and want you to know

I want to feel your pain before you go. 

Tell me in tears how you feel

If the words you say don’t help to heal

Before you go just hear me out

My life without you would be all about 

A hole in my heart, my life a void

My eyes fill up, my world destroyed 

I’ll miss you so much, it hurts you know

Just hear me out before you go

It isn’t about strength, courage or pride 

But a courageous battle you try to hide.  

A desperate scream, no end in sight

A decision is made, you fight the fight

Just know I love you, before you go

So I’m not left behind, hoping you know

No matter the decision you do decide 

In life and death, I’ll stand by your side. 

Written by Catherine Mellen 

It’s not how one dies, but how one lives which makes them who they are.

Depression is real, suicide is real, mental health awareness is real. 

To many broken children growing up in a fast changing world. 

Empathy, kindness and support matters.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours a day.

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