A Christmas Gift

I am five years shame, secrets and silence free ❤ What is your Christmas Gift Wish? From my Christmas in Poetry Land Collection, here is A Christmas Gift…

A Christmas gift for me
If I had to choose
My own created family
I hope I never lose.

I don’t want a necklace
Or things made of gold
Items will never replace
Gifts you can not hold.

Don’t wrap me a present
No gifts in a bag or box
I don’t need the air pleasant
By mood soothing rocks.

Once were the days, in stories often told
Of gift giving ways, in a world gone old
Give me a visit, show me some love
The holiday isn’t, a sale priced glove
Cost no money, just a big heart
No traffic, no lines, no shopping cart.

A Christmas gift for me
Is all laughter and smiles
They come absolutely free
Memories made in piles.

It’s not sold in stores
No accompanying shelves
Giving loud morning snores
For the overworked elves.

If I have to choose
I hope you catch my drift
A family I’ll never lose
Is the best Christmas Gift!

Written by Catherine Mellen ♡

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