American Dream

American Dream

Struggling to make ends meet
Happens on every street
Barely enough to get by
Unpaid bills and funds run dry.

American Dream, where did it go?
Was it a lie, for the world to know?
Stress piles high, demand is too much
The American Dream, I just can’t touch.

Rent is due, kids need clothes
Shopping for bargains is how it goes.
American Dream, is what I was told
But rarely do I see it, actually unfold.

Homeless and Mental Health
Security from the Commonwealth
Jobless rate and disability
A loss beyond our ability.

I look out the window of the American Dream
Thinking it was a lie or so it does seem
American Dream, where are you now?
Were you a lie we all believed in some how?
I’ll close my eyes and dream of my home
An American myth, I ponder alone.

Written by Catherine Mellen

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