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This was my first social media post in 2018 introducing myself and my horrifying true life story… Now 2021 is upon us,  I would like to thank every single one of you for being the support and backboard I had to lean on. I am currently querying for an agent and hope to be published soon..  My story is not over and my writing continues… Stay tuned for a year of more writings and more books to write ✍📚 

Hello from Massachusetts USA.   I am a writer, poet, blogger and author.  My blog is a briefing of all my writings.  Free to join, encourage and support ♡ 

I started writing as a teenager but shamed by a childhood I once lived, I became a full time cook for 27 years.  I continued writing poetry and in journals where I detailed my childhood along with all I wanted to say throughout the years to those associated to my childhood but was belittled anytime I did.  So I would go home and write about it.  I knew I wouldn’t die a secret because I had my story written in journals.  Crazy huh?    

In January 2015 I suffered injuries from an automobile accident where a driver used my car as his brakes while I sat at a red light. It wasn’t long until I suffered repressed memories that sent me down a tidal wave of emotional train wreck after train wreck.  Along with dealing from the painful permanent injuries I was left with from that car crash,  I was also dealing with horrific horrifying traumatizing memories of real life still shots, images, sounds, huffs, grunts & more.  In 2016  I once again reached out to those family members but even as adults they claim not to remember and belittle me behind my back.  So I spoke with a medical professional behind a closed door.  All that made me was a secret behind a closed door.  I already knew when I was a teenager that no drug,  no alcohol,  no pill and no love song will ever change what happened to me when I was younger.  I couldn’t understand why I was experiencing those horrible memories and many months later I realized the memories I was experiencing was of the lack of support, lack of love and lack of protection from my own family.  My memories were reminding me of my last year being with my family on Pleasant Street in 1981 and not 1980 like I assumed for over 35 years of my life.  

It would be many months of speaking with doctors, lawyers and an advocate before finally being where I set out to go at the age of 15 years old in 1985… My hometown police department.

Starting in 1975 Lowell Massachusetts at age five years old… Chronicling my childhood of horrific abuse,  horrible neglect, cruelty and abandonment.

Continuing onto strength,  courage and determination to survive.  

As life continues there is shame, humiliation, emptiness and so many whys.  

Until you find me here telling the world my story… one blogpost at a time!  

Please Note, The platform for my blog is through MightyNetworks, a super, safe and secure website as the sensitivity and graphic detail of my blog, I feel super, safe and secured with MightyNetworks.  I share my blogpost onto WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.    


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Along with my memoir, there is also poetry, a journey along the way, a distance to save myself and more.  My blog is free to join, encourage and support.  As we all know, kindness matters ♡   Thank you all in advance. 

I Have Nothing To Offer Anybody Except My Own Confusion 

Jack Kerouac 

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