1982-2018 A Life Given To Me

Why I am telling my story…

Susan Rhonda Labbe 1974

Janice Filamond 1981 (August)

Brenda Lacombe 1982

Judith Chartier 1982.   All are unsolved murders with Judith’s body still missing.

1975-1982 My birth mother harbored a monster.

My birth mother, two older brothers, baby sister and her father remained in the home after I ran in June of 1981!…. I was 11yrs old.

Over three decades I’d research, go to the library and look at newspaper articles for June 1980-July 1981..  Then I’d google it when google came around in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

In 1985 my birth mother managed to crush what was left of my fiftee  year old soul causing me to push every memory of my family knowing what happened to me away.  I let myself believe they were too young to remember and my birth mother was just scared of her boyfriend.  At age twenty, I wanted my family back as I couldn’t understand what I did so wrong to lose them in the first place.

But the lack of accountability, acknowledgment and empathy from my own family was cruel and inhumane to do to someone you claim to love.  So, I once again distanced myself to save myself.

After experiencing horrifying repressed memories at age 46… It wasn’t long until I googled June 1981-July 1982 ( I ran in 1981, not 1980)  I was mortified.  I then walked into my hometown police department with a drawn map and a statement. 

Within weeks I received a call informing me…I am not crazy and that hole in the cellar wall was still there after 37+ years.

It’s horrifying, traumatizing and gut wrenching sick… I have since handed a copy of my typed memoir to detectives.  Not so they know what happened to me, but so they know what the monster my birth mother harbored was capable of.

It took me almost 37 years, but I finally got myself to the police department as I was setting out to do way back in 1985.  As an investigation continues, it’s out of my hands now.  And with the law, family I created for myself and hriends supporting me…. I am free to tell my story for the victims who are unable to.

Thank You all for reading me and Thank You for supporting me ♡   Your host and friend… Catherine Mellen ♡