Ch4 1985-1993 A Teenage Promise & A Road Unknown

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Wow Chapter 4 already! Thank you to everyone for your kind words 🤗 In this chapter, I will cover the years 1985-1993 as I continue to detail a briefing of my Memoir called… A Life Given To Me! My Childhood Tragedy was over but the lasting effects pop up in so many aspects of my life as I tried Moving On, Get Over It & adapting to the Same Ole Same routine associated with being A Statistic in a World Full of Abused Children who grew up! From where Chapter 3 left off, this is…
A Teenage Promise & A Road Unknown ☘
Fall 1985…After yanking my arm away from my mother then walking away from her & the courthouse… I smiled! I wasn’t afraid, I didn’t care where I was going, I just knew I was getting as far away from my mother & the Juvenile Court System I could! I know your not an adult when your 15yrs old but I walked that short distance from the courthouse to the main strip of downtown Lowell like I was this Big Proud Adult. ‘I got to get a job & a place to live’ I thought to myself as I walked! ‘I got this’ I reassured myself as I knew anything was better than living with a family I never mattered too!
As I got to the main strip of downtown called… Central Street I looked at the time on the tall old Victorian looking lamppost clock. My friends were still in school as another year of school already started. I waited for cars to go by in both directions so I could cross the street when a motorcycle pulled up along side me. I jumped backwards so I wasn’t so close, but when he took off his motorcycle helmet I noticed it was my friend Mark from Butler Avenue, my Pac Man partner! He always kept in touch with me after I lived at his Aunt’s house while my family lived next door. He drove up Agawam Street a few times, he stopped whenever he saw me walking & would visit me when I worked at Dunkin Donuts with his girlfriend & his brother. “Where you been?” He questioned me as he held his arms out for a hug. “Foster homes” I answered him as I hugged him back. “Why?” He questioned me “Who called on you?” He questioned as he already knew I had only one parent alive & it wasn’t her who called on me. I told him how I was walking with someone who was reported as a runaway! “Collateral Damage again huh?” He said as we both agreed “Yup” He only had one helmet on him but told me to go meet everyone “Under the Clock” Under the clock was the high school on the old building side, a huge green victorian style clock that over hangs outside one of the entrances! It was the meeting spot for so many high schoolers & teachers busting students trying to skip detention.
So I walked there, not knowing what to expect but excited to see some of my friends again… then I was going to see if I could sleep over their house. By time I made it to the school & ‘Under the Clock’ I already ran into a few friends. Nothing but loud screams & big hugs “Where you been?” With every friend “Omg, where you been?” loud screams & big hugs!! It was Fucking Cool!! And from the high school, we all walked! We walked to the Acre section of Lowell, we would walk to the Belvidere section of Lowell. There was no stopping us, if we had to get there, we either got a ride, took a bus & mostly… walked!! And I went right back into the same situation I had before I was sent to foster homes…I would stay at a friend’s house till it was late at night, sometimes they told their parents I was sleeping over & sometimes they didn’t. I just stayed quiet in their bedrooms. I’d sleep there, get up with them in the morning & leave when they left for school. My bag of clothes was also still where I left it, at my friends house! I spent my days walking around the city, with someone who skipped school for the day or I would walk to my mother’s on Lawrence Street to see if she moved yet, remind her that I was still around & question her about my Dad’s Social Security checks. My mother wasn’t as nasty towards me when I showed up unexpectedly because she knew I wasn’t staying… as long as I didn’t live with her!! That was all my mother ever wanted for me… Not living with her!! She informed me after my Dad passed away, they stopped sending Social Security checks because “He’s dead now” my mother said to me “They can’t pay for every dead person that lived” my mother continued as she reminded me ‘Nope, there’s her nastiness’ Some days I’d walk to where my Dad is laid to rest at St. Patrick’s Cemetery on Gorham Street. I didn’t know where he was laid to rest, but I knew he was there somewhere! I found a cool tree on a hill & that is where I would go to sit & hoping my Dad knew I was there. By late October 1985, we were all told of a house party going on in the Highlands section of Lowell! And everyone was going…

Until tomorrow, Thank You for reading me! Peace and Blessings To All ♡