Second Nomination/The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award 2020

With all going on in this crazy world, it is nice to take a break and accept this award nominated by the talented and inspiring Stuart Tutt. Be sure to check out his website for thoughts on love, life, marriage, sex and his beautiful daily words of inspiration

The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award was created to bring a smile to your day. (Lord knows we need them) I am always intrigued by the happiness he spreads… Thank You Vincent 💕 Be sure to check out his website
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1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.

2. Make a post of the award (with a photo of the logo).

3. Post the rules.

4. Ask 5-10 questions of your choice.

5. Nominate other bloggers and notify them.

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Here are Stuart’s questions:

⚀ If you could have just one type of food for the rest of your life…what would it be?

🅰️ Fresh vegetables would be my choice

⚁ Why do most pastors only have the job/career of pastor when in fact it goes against what Jesus told the disciples to do when He sent them out?

🅰️ I am not sure how to answer this question, I think knowing you have a full time pastor available at all times, eases the mind of many parishioners.

⚂ If you had a friend in need of a ride to a doctor’s appointment for a medical procedure would you be willing to take a day off from work to ensure they made to and from home safely?

🅰️ Yes and have done it many times. Now being disabled, I am on the passenger seat nowadays.

⚃ Do you stop what you are doing and immediately pray for someone when they ask for prayer or do you just give them the answer they want to hear?

🅰️ I automatically send prayers. I am not one to give false hope to anyone.

⚄ What is your go to means of handling stress? Food, exercise, chocolate, sex, etc…

🅰️ I handle my stress by taking time for myself, listening to birds chirping or music. I let myself understand what I am stressing over and look for the positive.

My Nominees…






My Five Questions…

❓ Do you feel safe in the world we live in today?

❔ If one famous person could follow your blog, who would you want?

❓ Does your family and friends support your writing/blogging?

❔ If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?

❓ Would you consider turning your blog into a book?

That is all from me today. I once again thank Stuart for nominating me. Wishing everyone safe surroundings, good health, equal blessings and happy writing days ahead✍📚

Remember you are not obligated to respond or play along… Just know you and your blog are appreciated in the Blogging Community.

My name is Catherine Mellen, I write about my horrific, inhumane childhood, cruel family secrets, unsolved murders, poetry, short stories and so much more
Be sure to check out my website at…

Peace and blessings to all

Thirty-seven years ago today…

Thirty-seven years ago today, life seemed so promising. In a world before 911 and google, when we as Americans had a promising future to look forward to.

Thirty-seven years ago today, I was five months into being reconnected with my dad and I was two weeks into meeting a fifteen year old boy who would grow into one of the best friendships I could ever imagine.

Thirty-seven years ago today, I had already survived a childhood no child should ever suffer, I already survived living in over six different homes and I would go on to live in thirteen more homes by time I was eighteen. I was already filled with unanswered questions and at the time, I only knew of six older siblings. Today I am the baby sister to twelve older siblings and my relationship with them now is no different than it was then.

Thirty-seven years ago today I was waiting for my dad to get discharged from the hospital after his procedure, a procedure he did not survive from. Thirty-seven years ago today I was at the start of a friendship that would leave me thinking of the boy who grew into a man every single day for the rest of my life.
I don’t know why life was so cruel to me, thinking it was ok to take the two men who loved me unconditionally on the same day years apart. Maybe it was what Jon told me in 1986 that of all the days I’ve cried on, the only day I deserved to cry was October 17th, the day my dad died.

Despite all I have been through prior to thirty-seven years ago today, for a brief moment when it was thirty-seven years today, life seemed so promising. Because thirty-seven years ago today I had those two men in my life and though it has been decades in the making of missing them, they are always close by in my heart. Love and family were the two things that were lacked in my young life, but I was blessed with thirty-seven years ago today when I was given enough to last me my lifetime. Jon and Dad, you are never forgotten and forever missed. Thank You for loving me ⚘

A Day Trip

Give your loved ones a special hug today, cause not all hugs are easy when heaven is so far away…

                    A Day Trip
If heaven wasn’t so far away, I’d take a trip and visit for the day.
I’d visit my dad who left long ago, stop in on friends to say hello.
I’d spend time with Ma who left too soon, hang out with Jon and dance by the moon.
I’d come back home and hug the ones I love and tell them of my day with our loved ones above.
Make some plans for another day, if only heaven wasn’t so far away 😪

It’s a marvelous night for a moondance

Happy Heavenly Birthday Jon ❤

A Superman Birthday

“When we have hope, we discover powers within ourselves we may have never known – the power to make sacrifices, to endure, to heal, and to love. Once we choose hope, everything is possible.” – Christopher Reeve.

On this day we acknowledge a most admirable human being as we stride to help improve the quality of life for individuals who are paralyzed. Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation – we celebrate with you.

Out of the closet… The child abuse closet

Why do I write? Being a poet and writer is definitely in my blood. A horrific childhood kept me in silence for three decades. How silly right? A walk into a police dept. and here I am…Out of the closet.

A Strangers Hero

A Strangers Hero ⚘

An Act of terrorism, a foreign man’s will.

What he did, the day the world stood still.

No act of evil could ever compare

As we heard the news, terrorism was here.

The planes had crashed, so many lives lost.

Their souls not forgotten, no matter the cost.

Strangers came together and friendships were bound.

Assuring families, loved ones would be found.

As days went by, it just got worse.

But hearts of strangers was our only source.

Believing in faith and through God’s will.

We all came together the day the world stood still.

Written by Catherine Mellen

Never Forget/Never Forgotten

Shattered Heart Pieces

Shattered Heart Pieces

I carry the weight of a shattered heart
Society said, “Move On'”… So I played the part.
Accepting the way of my situation
Scattered emotions in duration.
Busting in words afraid to speak
An eagle’s soar like the courage I seek.

Way above the mountain
As high as they come
Shattered heart pieces
In earths mighty kingdom.

Where do they go, tiny pieces of pain?
Where do they stay, if they must remain?

I carried the weight of a shattered heart
Reality said, “Stay Strong”… So I played the part.
Accepting support as a donation
Scattered emotions and explanation.
Speaking my truth so I am heard
An eagle’s soar with each new word.

Way above the mountain
As high as they come
Shattered heart pieces
In earths mighty kingdom.

Where do they go, tiny pieces of my heart?
Where do they stay, if we never do part?

Written by Catherine Mellen

Behind Closed Doors… A Child Predators Dream

My story will help others to find their own strength

Scars to empower, healing has no length.

Child Abuse is a matter that shouldn’t be taken mild

Even as an adult, I was still once an abused child.

Before You Go…

A hole in my heart, my life a void

My eyes fill up, my world destroyed

I’ll miss you so much, it hurts you know

Just hear me out before you go..

⬇️Read full Poem in link below⬇️

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Available 24 hours a day!

A wish is a wish we wish to come true…

Sometimes our wishes are so big they carry us through life. I always wished to be a poet, writer and tell my life story. Although I was all that in a closed drawer written in journals and notebooks. I never imaged my wish would come true. But here I am known as a poet, author and telling the world my life story. Wishes may not come true as quickly as we’d like but with a little hard work even the biggest of wishes are possible ⚘ Keep wishing… A Tuesday Truth Indeed ✍

Child Abuse Awareness! A Tuesday Truth Indeed..

Child Abuse Awareness

I’ve told my story,

I’m outside the box

Away from the drawer

Which held all the locks!

I’ve told my story

For the whole world to hear

Of the little girl

Who lived everyday in fear!

I’ve told my story

Of my struggles to belong

Not really knowing

I was a Survivor all along!

I’ve told my story

For little girls like me

Who thinks its impossible

To survive without family!

I’ve told my story

And I will continue to repeat

Until Child Abuse Awareness

Is heard on every street!

I’ve told my story

And the reasons I’m alive

I’ve told my story

So others can also Survive!

Written by Catherine Mellen ♡

Another Poem made it into a Poetry Journal ♡ This time the July 2020 edition of the Cambridge Hall Poetry Journal! And at 11am today… My Poetry is being reviewed by a Literary Group! I guess I really do write the words… You all read 💖

✍📚 An Open Book 📚✍

I write the society of a world gone wrong

The hate, the crimes and the lives now gone

I write the reality the whole world reads

The scars, the wounds, the pain that bleeds

I write the melody the whole world sings

The laughter, the tears, the simple things

I write the love in a world gone cold

The dreams, the wishes and stories untold

I write the words I placed in a poem

For all the world, we call our home.

I read the society, where lies belong

Shame, Secrets and a Shattered song

I read the reality this whole world needs

The survivor’s in courage, forever now leads

I read the melody the whole world brings

The freedom of birds, queens and kings

I read the love this world does hold

Hidden in cracks, waiting to unfold

I read the words, I placed in this poem

From my heart and straight to your home

Written by Catherine Mellen

Thank You Jesus

Help me Jesus, I’m writing a song
A music sheet, where words belong.

There is no rush, take your time
Making our words into a rhyme

Beautiful sounds for all to hear
Echoing in halls far and near.

Help me Jesus, it needs to be heard
Give Peace a Chance into a word.

A rhythm, a sound, a single prayer
Serenity in words for all to hear

A hand, support, a strangers smile
Contagious with kindness in a single file.

Help me Jesus, the world seems so cold
So many promises are yet to be told.

Clean up the streets, rid the world of hate
For the children of tomorrow, it’s not too late.

Give Peace a Chance and keep it going
Kindness and smiles will continue flowing

Thank You Jesus, I know you can hear
Together we made this song a prayer

Written by Catherine Mellen ♡

An Agent called my project ‘Riveting’ ✍📚 Chronicling my Childhood of Horrific Abuse, Horrible Neglect, Cruelty and Abandonment! Read About My Life But Don’t Have Any Pity… I Am A Strong Irishgirl From An All American City Did I tell you about my Blog?….

Only One World

Why did it come to so much disgrace?

Why did America tear up the human race?

What gives the US the God damn right

To claim it only belongs to the privileged white?

Why must a black man live a life in fear?

Why must America stand by without a care?

What gives the US the God damn right

To claim it only belongs to the privileged white?

It’s only one world, which we all must share

For every boy & girl, a right to live without living in fear!

It doesn’t matter the color, for which you hold

Nor matters the religion, for which you are told.

We are all given one body, for which we must live

Equal is the reasoning, for which we must give!

It’s only one world, which we all must share

Equal with love, for there is no compare!

Why did it come to so much hate?

Why did America let it continue to circulate?

It’s time it stops, let’s put an end to this fight

This land belongs to all, black, brown, not just the white!

Why must it come to so many deaths?

Why did America witness a man’s last breath?

It’s been too long, a change needs to come soon

No matter our color, we all sleep under the same moon!

Written by

Catherine Mellen ♡

You know a man lived a life as a great person when you can still smile 34yrs later at the bitter sweet memories he left behind 😞 Life made us friends, Love made me his sister ❤ Forever my brother and Never forgotten…. Mark Lowell Delong 5/28/86 💕

A Stairway

Up to Heavens stairs, An Angel does Wait…
Shining with happiness, At the doors of Heavens gate!

Inside the Angel’s blossom with Glee…
Forever there is happiness throughout Eternity

Don’t be afraid should your light Shine…
Everyone becomes Angels, One day in Time!

The heart stops from all the aching and Pain…
The Soul lives on from all in life you Gain!

So, Climb up those stairs, There’s no need to Hesitate…
There’s so much happiness once your through Heavens Gate!!

Written by Catherine Mellen ♡


A querying I will go

A querying I will go

Emailed my submission

A querying I will go

It started off real slow

First page was years ago

It’s finally in completion

And polished with a glow

Pages I had to type

Editing was the hype

My book is finally complete

My writing skills are ripe

Some lines I had to wipe

I complained without a gripe

A rejection letter to delete

And an agent I will swipe

Proposal written well

A story I have to tell

I’ll spread awareness

With words I often yell

Querying can be hell

Making fingers swell

Guidelines are for fairness

An Agents calling bell

Proofread once again

Spacing lines too thin

Hoping for a book show

A best seller for the win

Attach files in trash bin

No writing with a pen

A querying I will go

Until an Agent says I’m in!

Written by Catherine Mellen ♡

Before,  during and long after this Coronavirus has left us… I will still be fighting for rental assistance in Massachusetts! My question for Massachusetts…. How do you plan on helping thousands of residents if you couldn’t help one?

Flowers from my Grannygirl’s and a new TV from my kids 🤗 Rockstar Grandma/Mom… I am 💖 Wishing all you Rockstar Mothers/Grandma’s a Wonderful Beautiful Wicked Awesome Mother’s Day. Our homes may be quarantined, but our hearts will never be 💕